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 Hair Ext. install. $100/hr                          Hair Color roots $65
Hair Ext. removal $100/hr                        Hair Color $85-$130
Hair Ext. maint. $40-100/hr                      Hair Ext. cut $85-$150
Hair Ext. Styling $70 -$150                       Hair cut $55
Hair Ext. Color  $150                                  Style $50- $70
Hair Ext. Color roots $65                           Hair Prep. $100/hr apx..


Warm Fusion Method
Strand by Strand technique, a small amount of Keratin, or other organic material is pre-attached or utilized on the ends of a strand. The extension strands are then attached to small sections of your hair near the scalp by warming the Keratin and forming a small bond to your hair. The site of attachment is so, that the extensions can move naturally with your own hair. These extensions last 3–5 months or more, and should be removed or redone at that time.






Hair Extensions Locks
Strand to Strand technique where the extension hair strand and your hair is put through a small tube which is then squeezed shut with a special tool in order to attach the extension to your hair.

Taped Hair Extensions
Also called skin weft, is a relatively newer technique. Hair is held together by double transparent sided polyurethane tape. One piece of the tape is torn off and the weft is applied the scalp. The weft and the attached hair is pulled upwards and another weft is attached underneath. That way the client’s hair section is surrounded by two wefts.



Maintenance Visit
Call or email to schedule a maintenance visit minimum 3 days in advance.